John McCain Planned Funeral, Memorial in Final Hectic Days


A close friend of John McCain’s has revealed that the Arizona senator, who died Aug. 25 from brain cancer, wrote a 40-page document specifying the details of his own funeral and memorial services as part of a dizzying flurry of activity in his last days, USA TODAY reports.

Rick Davis told The Arizona Republic, “He said, ‘OK, we’ve got to start planning my funeral.’ We’re like, ‘Uh, can’t it wait? This is depressing.’ He said, ‘No. We’ve got to get it done. We’ve got to get it done right now.’” Davis said McCain completed a variety of projects in his final days, including a book and TV show, but that a dream of making a final appearance in the Senate had to be abandoned due to his failing health.



  1. Why are you still talking about him when nobody cares? So he planned his funeral foolishly and died and his daughter made a fool of herself and her father who’ll forever be remembered as an evil man. Now what? How much longer will we have to hear about the person who hated President Trump and the American people so much?

  2. I never understood what chazal said, “V’hakovod motzi’im es ha’Adam min ha’olam” like this. But apparently this kovod fresser, needed the kovod to accompany him as he left the world….


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