John Kerry Trolls InfoWars For Claiming He Used An ‘Energy Beam’ From Antarctica To Control Hurricane Lane


Former Secretary of State John Kerry trolled Alex Jones’ far-right conspiracy theory website Infowars on Friday after it accused Kerry of being responsible for Hurricane Lane.

Infowars host Owen Shroyer claimed an energy wave had been fired out of Antartica and split into two hurricanes that were heading for Hawaii.

“Boom. An energy beam,” he said. “See if you guys can just pause it on that still frame so that — boom, right there. See if you guys can — right there. There’s the still frame right there. What is that coming out of Antarctica?”

Hamamoto brought up that Kerry went to Antarctica after the presidential election, before Shroyer suggested the former secretary of State was somehow responsible for the hurricanes.

“Yeah, why is John Kerry going down to Antarctica just a week after the election to discuss climate change and then you have energy beams coming out of Antarctica spilling hurricanes?” Shroyer asked. “What is John Kerry doing down there? That’s awfully suspicious to me.”

Kerry shared the segment on Twitter, joking that he had been “busted.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Well, the great war hero, John Kerry, did lecture us about the evil’s of air conditioner’s. He told us our use of air conditioners poses a greater threat to the world than ISIS. And he made that statement when the Kenyan was still lording over us and ISIS was free to do what they wanted.
    John should join Al Gore on their private jets and use the most electric in the Country and continue to wag their finger at us and lecture us how evil we are for using modern technology.
    I HATE elitists with a passion.


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