John Kerry Threatens Israel With Boycotts if Peace Talks Fail


secretary-of-state-john-kerryRight-wing Knesset members today slammed US Secretary John Kerry for saying that if peace talks with the Palestinians fail, there will be a “high risk” of increased boycotts, as well as a higher likelihood of international isolation, in store for Israel.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Kerry said failure to reach a peace deal would damage Israel’s capacity to be “a democratic state with the particular special Jewish character that is a central part of the narrative and of the future.”

In response, Economics Minister and Jewish Home party chairman Naftali Bennett accused Kerry of incitement and of serving as a “mouthpiece” for anti-Semitic elements attempting to boycott Israel.

To Kerry “and all advisers,” Bennett wrote in a Facebook post, “the Jewish people are stronger than the threats against them.” He added that the Jews would not “surrender their land” as a result of economic pressure. “Only security will bring economic stability, not a terrorist state close to Ben-Gurion Airport. We expect our friends around the world to stand by our side to face the anti-Semitic attempts to boycott Israel, not to be their mouthpiece,” Bennett added. “In any case, we knew how to stay strong in the past and we will now as well,” he concluded. Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. we Israelis aren’t worried about your boycotts Mr Kerry. The United/Divided States of what used to be America should worry about boycotts

  2. Kerry has no common digression and he has no cold direction. I would think that he has no future in an American future other than to accept his “award” and fade into the spotlight. A little mind in a big ship.

  3. Kerry was not exactly “threatening” anything. However, this kind of statement is indeed very wrong for the reasons given in the article. It almost seems like he wishes he could actually threaten such a thing and would hopes to have it come to pass.

  4. Kerry has already threatened Israel with an another intifada if it fails to abide by what the US desires in a peace agreement. He is clearly Obama’s attack dog in the middle east, and frankly, that species is about all Kerry will ever amount to. He slandered American troops in VietNam, fabricating entire lies before Congress about US massacres of innocent civilians; he faked a report to earn a medal for service in that war, ad then, later, in an infamous act of “patriotism” threw his medal away. He is a despicable liar willing to say and do anything no matter how unsavory to achieve his ends.

  5. Bingo!
    kerry shows his true colors! His sinaas Yisroel is legendary. And the truth hurts him – he made Ya’alon apologize for calling it as it is! A tiger is never a zebra with different color stripes!
    This guy and his boss, whose middle name we weren’t allowed to say, are dead-set in seeing the destruction of Israel (America too!!). They can’t be trusted. They should not be trusted,

  6. Kerry did not threaten. He really is just predicting. However, he should not have stated what he did for the reasons mentioned in the article. It almost seems as if he would like to have these things actually happen.

  7. Its time for the lurch to be tossed out of Israel with a one way ticket never to be allowed back in. If he wants to visit the region again, he should stay by his warm cuddly friends in Gaza.

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