John Kerry’s Perfidy Aided And Abetted By Barack Obama


obama-kerryBy Jerome S. Kaufman

Redacted from an address by Caroline Glick, Palm Beach Synagogue, Palm Beach FL, November 14

Ms. Glick began by describing her astonishment with the unbelievable temerity (chutzpa) of US Secretary of State, John Kerry threatening the Israeli people with a third intifada via his obvious friends, the Arabs! These are the same Arabs who have had the good fortune to be living under the graces and protection of the Israeli government instead of living with their cousins in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt – you name it.

Of note is the fact that the Arabs living in Israel, including Judea and Samaria, have far better education, political rights, medical and social service than in any place in the Arab world and at Israeli taxpayer expense. These are the people that Kerry, in his perverted political logic, has the stupidity to encourage to riot if Israel does not self-destruct to satisfy him and his boss, Barack Hussein Obama, In their thinking Israel must give up more territory and allow a Palestinian State on Israel’s borders that will have only one objective – Israel’s destruction.

On top of that Kerry told the Israelis a bald faced lie claiming the US demanded and obtained from Iran, certain guarantees that would prevent them from developing nuclear weapons (at least not this week). Israel learned of the Kerry/Obama perfidy from the French who advised the Israelis that they were being sold down the river.

The French took exception because they too were being sold down the river along with the rest of the European Union. Most European countries are already suffering severely from a massive immigration of Muslims overwhelming their economies, their social service while raising domestic crime and rape rates exponentially, abusing their citizenry and intimidating their churches. The Europeans now rue the day of their naive invitations to Islam and don’t want an Iranian nuclear bomb over their heads as well. Europe, unlike Kerry and Obama finally understand Iran and Islamic fanaticism as their mortal enemies.

Obama’s destructive ability is not limited to trying to sell Iranian’s non-proliferation nonsense. More devastating is the consequences of his being caught lying to the international community. Obama has succeeded, in this short time, to discredit the US irrevocably as an ally. The US is no longer considered a reliable ally to Israel, Europe or Arab nations that have for decades been under the US umbrella of defense.

Unlike Israel, these nations reacted immediately by looking for a new protector – a new force that they could depend upon. Egypt and Saudi Arabia have already made overtures to the Russians who, unlike Obama/Kerry have warmly greeted them with offers of military and economic assistance

As a result, there is yet another feather in Obama’s special cap destroying the US. Is it not painfully obvious that this is his ultimate objective – internally by creating massive US debt while proclaiming persuasive gifts to the electorate and a federal largess that we cannot afford and, externally – by directly diminishing the use of our natural resources through the EPA, killing our space program, cutting the size and quality of our armed forces and thus, our ability to react to Russian and Chinese aggression now rampant all over the world?

In just a few weeks Obama/Kerry have succeeded in decimating over 70 years of US prestige and successful US foreign policy that began at the termination of WW II. America’s admitted exceptionalism and our ability to defend our friends and contain our enemies is now, virtually ancient history.

Caroline Glick does not have the illusions of most political observers. She does not believe Obama is a failure, naive or inexperienced. She believes as Dinesh D’Sousa, that he has been a superior student of his mentors:

His mother, dedicated disciple of his never there anti-colonial father, Barack, Sr.

Frank Marshall Davis, A Black miscreant in Hawaii with a long career of anti-American, anti-white propaganda plus being a member of the Communist Party.

Professor Edward Said at Columbia, unmitigated liar and spokesman for Palestinian terrorists

Bill Ayers, a former domestic terrorist along with his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, co-founders of the Weather Underground, that planted bombs in public places, including the Pentagon.

Obama/Kerry’s prior statements and consistent policies castigate the Jewish presence in Judea, Samaria and united Jerusalem as “illegitimate.” It is clear that Obama/Kerry expect Israel to relinquish its legal claims to these areas in the framework of a final “peace” agreement. 

From a legal and diplomatic perspective, such a move by Israel would be disastrous. It would destroy Israel’s sovereign rights and greatly imperil its military viability. Such a move will enable the Palestinians, Europeans and Americans to strangle the Israeli communities in the region and render it practically impossible for the IDF to operate in Judea and Samaria without PLO permission, G-d forbid!

Let us pray that PM Netanyahu and the Israelis have the good sense to turn down this “generous” offer by Obama/Kerry and rather continue with a policy of intimidating superior military capability and dependency only upon themselves as was the primary goal of their founding fathers – not unlike those of the founding fathers of the United States of America.





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