Joe the Plumber Agitated that Jewish Paper Backs Opponent Who Signed Pro-Palestinian Letter


joe-wurzelbacher-the-plumberSamuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, tells in an exclusive interview that he “does not understand” why the Jewish Week backs Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D) in Ohio’s 9thCongressional District where Wurzelbacher himself is running on the Republican line.

Kaptur was one of 54 lawmakers to pen a pro-Palestinian letter to President Obama in early 2010.

Said the Plumber: “One thing I don’t understand: I have been reading a Jewish publication, stating that the obvious choice for the Jewish people in this district would be Marcy Kaptur, when her record shows she has not supported Israel very often… Her record does not show that she supports Israel in any way shape or form. I however have gone there and risked personal injuries during the Hamas conflict and I spoke out for Israel when the U.N. and everyone else were trying to come down on Israel.”

Congresswoman Kaptur is in a Primary battle with fellow Democrat, Congress Dennis Kucinich who also has an anti-Israel record.

{Gestetner Updates/ Newscenter}


  1. JOE, I AM A JEW and I dont know why many JEWS are still democratic. Joe jews are taught to think for themselves. Maybe for some reason that publication thought for themselves off a cliff. I WOULD VOTE FOR YOU. Every group has its problems.

  2. @DACON9:

    Did you mean “democratic”, or did you mean “Democratic”?

    What a difference a capital letter can make!

  3. Could you tell me in what language the headline of this article was written? If the article was written in English (or was it, I didn’t get to read it), why wasn’t the headline written in English? Can’t understand what it’s saying.

  4. Joe…if you would actually know what the Jewish Week was all about you would not feel that bad at all. It is a paper run by self hating Jews who have zero to do with actual Judaism. The more Jewish the idea, the more they apologize. Keep up the great work Joe.

  5. Mr. Plumber, the Jewish Week is backed by die hard liberals who are only Jewish in a genetic sense. They in no way represent what Jews really stand for and have cast off any sense of unity with Israel or anything religiously significant. I am sorry if you are upset, but if I lived there you would be the top pick!

  6. It’s the “Jewish Week”. It is not a pro-Jewish newspaper. They besmirch anything that smacks of too Jewish. There are a number of other papers (also jewish) that are the same.

  7. Joe, real Jews are with you. The “Jews” you are referring to are leftist first then Jews second (or fifth or sixth!).


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