Joe Lieberman: McCain Loved Yerushalayim, Always Accommodated Shabbos Observance


In his eulogy for his close friend John McCain, Joe Lieberman recalled McCain’s accommodation of Lieberman’s Jewish observance and his love of Yerushalayim.

Lieberman, speaking on Shabbos at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., recalled McCain suffering through Shabbos elevators in Israel, walking long distances with him on Shabbos, and forgoing Friday night festivities overseas to share a quiet meal with Lieberman — what McCain called a “Shalom Shabbat.”

Lieberman wrapped up his eulogy, recalling how much he and McCain enjoyed talking about faith whenever they visited Yerushalayim, a city McCain loved. They would sit in a hotel balcony looking over the city, and when Lieberman entered the private sector, McCain urged him to buy an apartment in Yerushalayim with a view, and to reserve a room for him.

McCain, Lieberman said, “is deriving pleasure from the fact that his funeral is on a Saturday and I had to walk here,” prompting laughter.

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  1. STOP IT! Enough with McCain and all destroyers and haters of America! The American people would rather the mainstream media report about President Trump’s love of American people, his successful economy, etc., and how he made America great again in less than 2 years – something unheard of at least in the last century.

  2. McCain accommodated Shabbos observance, but you, Senator, delivered a eulogy in a church, on Shabbos with a microphone. It seems the shaygitz had more respect for Shabbos than you do. The same goes for Jared and Ivanka too. Sickening.

  3. After being told by Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, Sr. that it was too late in the legislative session and he was going to retire. He sent me to Congressman John McCain who would probably get elected to his seat in the Senate. I contacted Congressman McCain’s office and his assistant made an appointment for me to see the Congressman in DC. I had a long cordial meeting with Congressman McCain who was already running for the US Senate. I had told him how during my Army career I was assigned to a security detail for Vice President Spiro Agnew and that Admiral John McCain, his father had given me an award for that special assignment. That certificate is proudly displayed in my office. I had asked Congressman McCain to support a bill in the House and or the Senate that would allow Frum Jewish soldiers to wear a Yarmulka with their uniform. McCain declined and said that he didn’t agree with changing military protocol. The Yarmulka case went all the way to the Supreme Court. McCain turned out to be an ok Senator with some bumps in the road.


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