Jindal Comes Out Swinging at Christie, Huckabee


huckabee jindalDuring Tuesday evening’s “undercard” Republican debate, Bobby Jindal took shots at Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, focusing a great deal of effort on criticizing their respective records as governor, Gideon Resnick reports for the Daily Beast.

“If we send another big government Republican to the White House, we will not do enough to fix what is wrong in this country,” Jindal said, pivoting his attention to Christie in response to a question on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. He claimed that it is incumbent on the GOP to elect a “true conservative” to the White House.

“You don’t grow the economy by putting more people on food stamps, more people on Medicaid,” Jindal said of Christie’s record in New Jersey.

“I complimented Bobby,” Christie said, shrugging off the attack. “Imagine how much time he’d want if I actually criticized him.”

Jindal also beefed extensively with Mike Huckabee on the former Arkansas governor’s record of state spending deficits.

“Mike, with all due respect, I admire your social views, I share many of those views,” Jindal said testily. “Your record as governor tells a different story. During your time as governor, spending in Arkansas went up 65 percent, the number of state workers went up 20 percent. Taxes for the average citizen went up 47 percent.”

“Wanting to cut is one thing, actually cutting is a different thing,” Jindal said. “Facts don’t lie.”

Following the debate, Jindal kept swinging at Christie, reportedly saying: “He can’t defend his record.”

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