Jimmy Carter Warns Against War With Iran


carterFormer President Jimmy Carter warned against a possible war with Iran, as he decried his nation’s involvement in unjust conflicts at a summit of Nobel Peace Prize laureates in Chicago.

Carter, a naval veteran who served as Democratic president from 1977 to 1981, said Monday that while he is “not against conflict when necessary,” the criteria for a just war are often not met.

War is only just when it is a “last resort” after “every other possible peaceful resolution” is exhausted, when all efforts are made to protect civilians, when the purpose of the conflict is to make the situation better, not worse, when society in general agrees it is just and when the level of violence is “proportional to the injury received,” he said.

“That would obviously exclude our recent policy of preemptive war,” Carter said in a keynote address.

The United States has been “almost constantly at war” in the past 60 years – in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, El Salvador, Libya, Panama, Haiti, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and many others.

“And now we are contemplating going to war again perhaps in Iran,” said the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Most of those wars fail to meet the criteria for a just war and “some of them were completely unnecessary.”

Carter said he wished the United States could be seen as a champion of peace, an environmental leader, and the world’s most generous nation when it comes to feeding the hungry and opposing human rights abuses.

“That’s not a hopeless dream,” Carter said.

“Maybe for my generation, yes, maybe for my children’s generation yes, but not for my grandchildren and students who are looking at Nobel laureates and saying what can I do to make this world more peaceful and make sure that all aspects of human rights prevail.”

Carter, who suffered from a perception of weakness that culminated in the botched 1980 operation to resolve the Iranian hostage crisis, is among 20 laureates gathered in Chicago for a world summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners.

{AFP/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Jimmy, no one was listening to you then when you were president, why do think people are listening to you now some 30+ years later. Jimmy I know its a little hard to hear the truth but no one is really interested in what you have to say.

  2. Hey old Jimmy, why don’t you crawl back to your ranch and sit out the remainder of your miserable failed life, and leave us alone.

  3. carter, why do you even waste your breath

    we know you dont beleive what youre saying,

    and you know we dont beleive what your saying

    so just dont say it.
    as they say better let us think youre stupid than to actually prove it.

  4. Indeed time is running out for the Israelis. In the war of the Abrahamic religions, Israel is a sitting duck, without the support of the big brother United States. In fact it would not take much to unite the collective hatred of the Arabic peninsula, with its over powering demographic majority, against the Jewish state. And who would be better than the radical state of Iran to infuriate this collective opinion!
    Hence the urgency by the Israeli leadership to thwart the long term Iran and Arab world threat. Before the economic woes of America become so gargantuan that there is a shift in America’s foreign policy, the Israelis want to neutralize the threat of annihilation that they face under the Iranian leadership.
    The obvious policy is to use the impending US elections to rally opinion and action against Iran. Obama is not as much a war monger as his predecessors have been and this works against Israeli strategic policy. Hence the bellicose demeanor to bomb the Iranians.
    IMO, the inclination to war is higher than peace as despite ironically overwhelming intelligence reports suggesting no great ambitions on the part of Iran and that too from US and Israeli agencies itself, Israel is all set to go the extra mile.


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