Jimmy Carter: Jews ‘May Be Safer in France’ Than Israel



Former President Jimmy Carter, blasted in the past for taking the side of Palestinians over that of Israel, has stepped in the Mideast mess again.

Carter, responding to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s invitation for Jews in France to emigrate to Israel, said that “on the average” Jews are “safer in France” than they would be in Israel, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

Jews have fled Paris en massage due to growing anti-Semitism and the recent the massacre of Jews in a kosher food store by Islamic extremists. The editor of Britain’s Jewish Chronicle said that the problem is so bad that “every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave.”

However, Carter said that Jews are still safer in France than in “some place in Israel,” an apparent reference to areas often struck by terrorism from groups such as Hamas.

“My guess is that the Jews who live in France will maybe not take this as a positive step, and say the only way you can be safe is to go to Israel,” Carter said in an interview with HuffPost Live. “I would guess that you may be, on the average, maybe safer in France than some places in Israel, but I’m not trying to make a judgment.”

Carter also said that the recent attacks in Paris should provide an opportunity for the West to discover what makes Islam “great.”

“I think this is going to give a lot of people incentive to look into Islamicism, what is it about this religion that makes it great, that makes it appeal to really billions of people and to understand that Islamic leaders condemn this kind of terrorism just like the rest of the world,” he said.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Although I respect President Carter and I’m no great fan of his…..let us do the math to see if he is right…..

  2. he is right the world finally gets it Islam is a peaceful religion as long as you follow its dictate, the same as liberals, they also tolerate only if you follow their dictates, both do not tolerate disagreements and would use any mean to quash it. look at Quebec Canada it is a French Liberal province, they passed a law and for years a business was not allowed to put a sign in English, if you did, you got a ticket,after being threatened with UN lawsuit, they changed that French must precede any language and the French lettering must be bigger than the other language if not you get a ticket so much for Liberalism now the French are eating what they stewed

  3. once again his true colors shine. ziknei amei haaretz just get more sour as time goes on. ps is it really that important for us to hear all his drivels and are we going to hear BHO for all his post presidency may it come speedily. these demos’ have little class…

  4. btw, i dont think his point is all that off, being that PM Bibi and his entourage has the gall to go and instill more fear into our French brethren- by being so hospitable…. I hope they realize the spiritual dangers that await them by rushing into the Israeli melting pot. as Chazal teach us about the Medina, gadol hamachtio….

  5. Excuse my French, but Jimmy Carter is an Anti-Semite “par excellence”

    He spews out the old left-wing drivel that a) jihadi terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and; b) that everything stems from the Israel-Palestinian problem.

    According to Carter (and, similarly, according to many in this Obama Administration), its all the Jews’ fault.

    I think we are safer when Carter keeps his big mouth shut!

  6. And I think Jimmy Carter might be safer if he took his foot out of his mouth, lest he choke on it some day.

    If ole Jim thinks Islam is so great, maybe he should give living in a place like Saudi Arabia or Iran a try.

  7. “My guess is that jews living in france will maybe take your stupidity coming from the nut of you as a negative step in getting to know the nerve of you” “I would guess that you may be, on more than the average, maybe safer shutting up than opening up your trap”

  8. Jump to the Joy of Heaven. Carter is more than a friend of the lost cause of limited poverty! He is a king of his own dishonor!

    This is just another penny in the sea of his lost humanity!

    What does Hashem have a Jimmy Carter in the world to do for the world?

    Simply put, Carter is the coat of indecency for the pac man generation. The man had no disposition for good hope and he had no good deal on a limited pain.

    When you see Pac Man eat the dots, that is Jimmy Carters Music.

    Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp.

    Carter is just soon to be a ghost.

    Sad, but the peanuts will still grow.

    Great to see the kicker is still kicking.


  9. Rabbi Akiva once told a parable: Some fish were trying to avoid the fishermen’s nets, and a fox offered them some advice. “Why don’t you leave the sea where you are in peril of being caught by fishermen? Come out and live with us on the dry land and we will protect you.” The fish responded, “What foolishness! If we cannot be safe in our natural habitat, how do you expect us to survive in a hostile environment.”

    Eretz Yisroel is the natural habitat of the Jewish people. The French have demonstrated their enmity towards us during World War II. If Jews are endangered in their homeland than they are most certainly unsafe in France.

    Ironically, Helen Thomas suggested the Jews, “go back to Poland, or wherever the hell they came from”, while when Jews tried to reside peacefully in Poland the Polish people taunted them, “Zydzi wróci? do Palestyny.”

  10. what a anti-Semite!Carter needs to stay away form public exposure with his jihad-appeasing rhetoric-I wonder how much the arabs are paying him or his ‘foundation”.
    At least we can dress like jews almost everywhere in Israel without being attacked except for areas where Carter’s jihadi friends live.


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