Jimmy Carter Defends President Obama For Not Attending Paris Unity Rally



Former President Jimmy Carter is giving the White House the benefit of the doubt in the controversy over the Paris march.

The White House has drawn fire for not having a high-level official representing the U.S. at the demonstration Sunday, a show of solidarity against terrorism that drew millions to the streets and was joined by dozens of world leaders.

“I don’t think there’s any need for criticism,” said Mr. Carter, responding to a question on criticism over the lack of U.S. presence in Paris.

Mr. Carter was at a press conference at the American Museum of Natural History for an exhibit opening this month on disease eradication that his not-for-profit group, the Carter Center, helped develop.

“The president sometimes can’t go where he’d prefer to go,” said Mr. Carter. “He’s just come back from vacation so I think he’s probably got a lot on his desk… as you know the secretary of state is going over there to represent us.”

Later Monday afternoon, shortly after Mr. Carter’s comments, the White House said President Barack Obama regretted his decision not to send a more-senior-level administration official to represent the U.S. at the Paris march.


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I can not believe that this man was once the President of what was once the United States of America his intelligence is insulting first Obama is always on vacation second leaders cut their vacation short for important things and for the first time in history they admitted that may may made a mistake

  2. Why bother, this bumbling peanut farmer still doesn’t get it, what failure he is, so begs the question now, which one is a bigger failure, the farmer or the community worker?

  3. So sayeth the arguably worst President in the history of the Unites States. He sat back and did nothing while the U.S. embassy in Teheran was held hostage for over a year. This directly led to to the takeover of the Middle East by Islamic extremists and the eventual state of terror throughout the entire world.

    I guess Carter thinks that he too, had a lot on his desk at that time.

  4. You left out a comment Mr. Carter made along the lines of the BBC quote immediately above. It was on one of the late night shows and is getting much airtime today.


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