Jimmy Carter Confuses Israel as ‘Jewish State’ for Meaning All Arabs Must Convert


jimmy-carterFormer U.S. President Jimmy Carter confused Israel’s demand for the Palestinian Authority to recognize it as a ‘Jewish state’ for meaning that all Arabs living there would need to convert.

In an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, Carter said, “Israel can claim ‘We are a Jewish state.’ I don’t think the Arab countries will contradict that Jewish statement. But to force the Arab people to say that all the Arab people that they have in Israel have to be Jews, I think that’s going too far.”

Carter continued, incorrectly implying that the 1.5 million Arab-Israelis citizens would either have to convert to Judaism or leave, rather than recognize that the essence of the country, it’s laws, calendar, legal structure, would be based, as they are, on Jewish tradition, rather than Muslim or Christian ideals.

“I don’t see how the Palestinians or the Arab world can accept that premise, that Israel is an exclusively Jewish state,” Carter said. “This has never been put forward in any of the negotiations in which I was involved as president, or any president, before (Benjamin) Netanyahu became prime minister this time. And now it has been put into the forefront of consideration.”

Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who flagged the former president’s statement on Tuesday, also pointed out that, in fact, the question of declaring Israel the ‘Jewish state’ far precedes Netanyhau’s government.

Elder of Ziyon wrote: “Carter accepts the absurd premise, being spouted by Palestinian Arabs as well as others across the Arab world, that if Israel is recognized as a Jewish state then it means that only Jews can live there. He even goes further than the idiot Arabs who keep repeating this, by claiming that it means that Arabs ‘have to be Jews’ to live in Israel. Given this level of cluelessness, it is hardly worth pointing out that Carter is also wrong in saying that Netanyahu is the first to demand Israel be recognized as a Jewish state.”


{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. What Mr. Carter is doing is trying to elect his own prayers as the concern for the future instead of asking Hashem to give him the right blessing to continue his faith in his own tomorrow.

    Ultimately, there is no concern ever that Jews will be asking for the sleepy arab population to “convert” to Torah Values and Torah Judaism. That is like thinking that the wolf can adapt to the very threatening world of his own lobby for the last sheep’s clothing.

    I would not think that Israel is a confusing event for the world. Jews have chosen to return to their homeland. The world has to recognize that Jews are the future of the land previously denoted as “Palestine”.

    Until there is a very true voice of reason for good hope for better predictive values in Israel, I would anticipate that we will continue to be flustered with the Arabic dilemma without a choice of better values in our true homeland. The arab has been a part of our soil for his years and wants to stay. We have to ask him to move to a region where he can be tolerated and he can be his own forum of his own liberty.

    The arab does not want liberty, however. He wants future blame and a home for his wallet and keys. He wants to keep his head in the clouds of his obscurity and he wants to steal the very right of the Jewish soul to convene in the places of our ancestors and our forefathers.

    The arab wants to leave the jewish state to the blank check of his own hatred and ultimately, we as jews must indeed insist that we be recognized as a true place for jewish heritage and jewish hope.

    So Mr. Carter is really trying with his last documented values in life to bring the forces of intangible hate together with what he regards as lesser constructed values (the jews). It will not work and Mr. Carter is not a man whose longevity is in my thoughts expected to continue for a maximum of many more lifecycles in the future.

    We will ultimately be able to keep our promise to King David as Israelite by Keeping our Feet on the ground and our voices in the sky.

    Torah is our purpose. Never Again.

  2. Mr. Carter,

    I think peanut farming was a much better option for you in the first place. I would stick to that If I was a moron like you 🙂

  3. How much longer do we need to wait till Carter is officially declared incompetent (“ferkalkt” be’laaz)?

  4. I see Carters dementia is getting worse by the day, when do you think they will stop writing about what he says and ignore this poor man’s mental state. He was a terrible president, but he, on leaving , did good things, why don’t we just remember him for the good he had done after he left presidency and let the man rest in his dementia. Stop quoting him now.

  5. Let us continue to see him make a fool of himself and lose whatever credibility he might still have among some.

    ???? ????? ?? ?????? – his later years are revealing what he had in his heart all along.


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