JFK Airport Will Get 2 New Terminals In $13 Billion Upgrade


John F. Kennedy International Airport will get two new terminals, centralized ground transport, and better security and runways in a transformation that will increase its capacity by at least 15 million passengers a year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday.

“JFK has been outdated all of my life,” Cuomo said in a speech to a gathering of the Association for a Better New York. He noted similar redevelopment efforts at LaGuardia Airport as Penn Station, saying New York must update its transportation infrastructure or fall behind other cities. “Either you are building and you are creating, or you are getting left behind, that is the simple reality of life.”

Construction for the seven-year, $13 billion update is expected to begin in 2020.


Read more at NJ.com.



  1. 13 bil for two terminals, which are basically two industrial/shopping mall buildings and some paving projects (even before it will probably double in price through “unforseen costs”)?! Are they using gold plated, Al Gore approved, organic bricks and union $100/hour labor?

  2. Cuomo doing what he loves best creating a reason that we urgently need to spend billions of dollars. It super kickback time!!
    But the subways still need funding…


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