Jackson, NJ, Council Approves Ban On Dormitories


Jackson, NJ’s township council voted unanimously last night to ban the construction of dormitories in town, in a move some see as an effort to keep frum Jews and their yeshivos out of the town.

The Asbury Park Press reports that during the public debate about the law, the five-member panel had been mum on the issue. But three of the four council members present — Councilman Rob Nixon was absent due to a scheduling conflict — offered their vocal support before voting.

Councilman Barry Calogero claimed that “this ordinance is not against any race or religion and only a bigoted person would think as much. It’s an ordinance that would preserve our current suburban culture, reduce suburban sprawl and limit wanted overdevelopment in our township.”

Opponents said the new laws were rooted in anti-Semitism.

The Asbury Park Press quoted Lawrence Street resident Michael Jordan who said, “Lakewood is running out of room, so they’re expanding. Whether we like that or not, the reason they’re jumping to every town is because there’s no more room. If you let this happen here – if you let the dorms come in – the roads are going to get worse than they’ve ever been.”





  1. One hate to say it but how many people driving Ways and act in ways that make people say we don’t want this in our town The way people park the way people drive it’s kind of sad

  2. Keeping Jews out & banning dorms are two different attitudes.

    Come visit the OU out-of-town forum & check out Dallas, Vegas, Richmond, Boca, Jacksonville, Savanna, & live in a beautiful frum kehilla & never shovel snow again. Or try Rochester, Hamilton, Ottawa, Edison, Bergenfield, Milwaukee, South Bend & make JUDAISM OUT OF TOWN GREAT AGAIN!!!

    Or of course Eretz Yisroel in Givat Zev!

  3. The ban is concerning and clearly aimed at Jews because Jackson is 100 square miles big(!) and the ban does simply apply to residential areas (after all, who would want a dorm next door to them?) but rather throughout the entirety of Jackson, including commercially zoned areas.
    If that’s not targeted anti-semitism what is?

  4. Why must Matzav slant the news and make up that it’s due to anti semitism? You are making assumptions that are blatantly false. Just because a plan that you supported got voted down doesn’t mean that they hate Jews. Why is anti semitism always the Knee jerk reaction to everything that goes against your wishes? Stop spinning the news. Just report it.

  5. you should have mentioned Silver Spring, Scottsdale AZ and Vancouver but not Ottawa. Ottawa is going through rough times you wouldn’t want to go there.
    but yes in these out of town places Jews have learned a valuable lesson of how to respectfully live with other human beings (goyim)

  6. It starts in a rural area and slowly creeps to residential. Take a look at Monsey, Lakewood , Monroe. Not everything is anti semitism.

  7. As a frum resident of Lakewood this may be politically incorrect to say, but i totally understand the ruling by the Jackson council. They would like to keep the residential character of their community. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that putting dormitories in a residential neighborhood changes the character of a neighborhood. Look at Lakewood. It has become and urban blight. Traffic is terrible and density is out of control. I think frum people do a disservice to us by screaming anti-Semitism from the rooftops when a very plausible argument can be made that they don’t want the chaos and compromised quality of life that has become Lakewood to come to Jackson. Perhaps we should take this as a lesson for us that we should be a “light to the nations” not a “blight to the nations.”


    Tell them if they do not have dorms you will rent to people they do not want in the neighborhood and watch how quickly they change their vote….

  9. Let`s see , Lakewood continues to suffer from its lack of foresight.
    Everyone knows that from a zoning standpoint once you make a variance for one project you have created precedent and then you are doomed forever , case in point Lakewood.
    The growth of Lakewood is a shining example of short sightedness we cannot blame call them anti semites.
    They are nice neighbors who just want peace of mind

  10. It will be shrewder for us in the longer run to play along with the Township that
    “this ordinance is not against any race or religion.. It’s an ordinance that would preserve our current suburban culture.””

    even if there might be a taint of anti semitism in the Ordinance

  11. Gadolhadorah (katanhadas) u make me laugh! You have no idea what this is even about (“a plan that you supported got voted down”) but if it’s Lakewood we must be wrong


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