Jews in London Pelted With Eggs; Have Swastika-Decorated Brick Hurled Through Window During Shabbos


Jews in North West London suffered a spate of attacks over the Sabbath, the UK-based organization the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) reported.

According to the Jewish neighborhood patrol group Shomrim, the first incident occurred at approximately 10:30 pm on Friday night. Recognizably Jewish families walking home from the Shabbos seudah at friends’ houses were pelted with eggs from a moving car on Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware.

The second took place at dawn on Shabbos in the same neighborhood. A brick with swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs drawn on it was hurled through the window of a Jewish family’s home.

The third, involving swastika graffiti on a residential building on Watford Way, Mill Hill, was discovered a while later.

Shomrom London is calling on witnesses to come forward, while the Metropolitan Police Service investigates.

CAA chairman Gideon Falter told The Algemeiner at the end of August that because British Jews are “being denied justice” by the country’s main criminal prosecution agency for failing to properly address hate crimes against them, “The resulting atmosphere of impunity is enabling antisemitism in our country to grow and become increasingly violent.”

Falter said that the CAA’s National Antisemitic Crime Audit revealed that hate crimes against British Jews surged to a new peak in 2015.

This year’s annual report on worldwide antisemitism — presented by to the Israeli cabinet on Sunday by Diaspora Affairs and Education Minister Naftali Bennett ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day this coming Friday — revealed an increase in hate crimes against Jews in 2016. Britain was among the countries that experienced a rise in antisemitic incidents, including a 62% rise in the number of violent attacks in London alone.

Although the report found that the majority of the incidents in the UK were perpetrated by members of the far-right, the left-wing Labour Party was also examined for its contribution to the overall antisemitic atmosphere.

In October, British Prime Minister Theresa May declared that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn must “think very carefully” about antisemitism within his party. May made the statement during a Prime Minister’s Questions session, just days after the publication of a House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report that found Labour had shown “demonstrable incompetence” in dealing with antisemitism within its ranks.

In response to a question posed by Conservative MP Oliver Dowden, May said: “I absolutely agree with my honorable friend that this house should send a very clear message that we will not tolerate antisemitism. I have been concerned about the rise in the number of incidents of antisemitism in this country.”

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  1. Mr. “Michael Savage”, why would you want to live in such an anti Semitic cesspool place named Brooklyn, NY?…..
    There are Anti-Semites everywhere, including (gasp) Israel. We are in Exile. Our redemption is yet to come. The more we forget that we are in exile, the more reminders, חס ושלום, may be needed. How about praying to הקב”ה to redeem us from this bitter exile? How about stopping the cause of this exile – שנאת חינם?
    אם אשכחך ירושלים, תשכח ימיני.

  2. Why?
    Perhaps because they aren’t living temporarily in hotels, but own properties, have jobs that feed them, relatives that will keep living in that country, established communities, shuls, schools, and for most of them England is the land of their birth, and is the only place they know as home.
    Is that so difficult to comprehend?

  3. ##2 it does take courage, fortitude, EMUNAH& optimism to make changes, move onward & leave a childhood home YET it is sometimes necessary.


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