Jews Brought Holocaust On Themselves, Russian TV Host Says


aleksandr-prokhanovA Russian TV presenter, in a conversation with a writer about the Ukrainian protests and Crimea, said that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

Writer Aleksandr Prokhanov, while being interviewed by anchor Evelina Zakamskaya on the state-funded Rossiya 24 TV channel, said (as translated by that it is “strange that Jewish organizations, the European and our own Russian organizations, support the Maidan [protests]. What are they doing? Do they not understand that they are bringing about a second Holocaust with their own hands? This is monstrous.”

Zakamskaya replied that the Jews “brought about the first [Holocaust] similarly.”

“It is a blindness. It is an unbelievable blindness, that is clearly repeating itself, because even then in 1933 in Europe, many liberal organizations were feeding the Fuhrer,” Prokhanov then said, a statement that Zakamskaya agreed with.

A video of the comments in Russian was first posted by a blogger on, who provided his own translation.

Earlier in March, Josef Zisels, chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine (VAAD), and several other prominent Ukrainian Jews wrote a letter accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of exaggerating the level of ultra-nationalism and anti-Semitism in Ukraine.

A few anti-Semitic incidents have occurred throughout Ukraine since the beginning of the Maidan protests in November 2013, including the vandalism of a synagogue in the Crimean city of Simferopol and a Molotov cocktail attack on a Chabad center in Zaporozhye. But those incidents have not been directly linked to the Maidan protests.




  1. The truth us that in our times silence has been a tool to ruin the good name of Jews that are loyal to Torah.
    Lately many reports are appearing in the media that ridicule our way of life done even by Jews themselves. This people naively think that they are speared from damage when in reality Jews have always suffer collectively in all attacks against us.
    Whether Jews that are not religious or vice verse we will always suffer from the same fate and persecution r ‘l.

    We all know the causes of the Holocaust, they were predicted by the Torah thousands of years before it happened. Our duty is to make sure that it does not happen again Hashem Yirachem.

  2. re rabbi avraham Goldstein
    “we all know the causes of the holocaust”

    perhaps you can enlighten us

    that it was predicted in the torah yes
    but causes ?

    the gamara tells us that since the bais hamikdash was destroyed phrophecy was given over to idiots
    no offense intended

  3. It is sad that man is an idiot, but look who the Jews voted for in the United States a Muslim president and a socialist, who hates Jews, America, and the American people. Maybe they should investigate who they vote for next time. I don’t know what Obama promised them they had voted in droves for him 2 times, but he must of promised them the moon.

  4. #3: Rabbi Goldstein is correct. To find out the causes of the Holocaust, read Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s book, “A Divine Madness”.

  5. #3 – most frum jews in the 1930’s were lost to haskala. we don’t have prophecy anymore, but we have the torah and the tochacha is clear as to what causes these catastrophes like the holocaust. not keeping the torah.

  6. Well, I do not say a word I did not hear from the Gedolei ha dor! They told us the reasons. I can tell you with all confidence that the holocaust was not cause by our Tsadikim. Much the same as always Jewish history have testified to the causes of Jewish hatred. We have to learn to take some responsibility for what is happening in our world today. The voices that speak for Jews throughout the world are not the voices of Torah. To Yossie: the prediction was not alone in the Torah it was accompanied with its causes read them. some how we tend to ignore than no one can put a finger on the Jewish people without permit from shomayim and the gemora says “ani matir es besarchem” No prophesy here… just a simple pshat in chumash.

    We have been the victims and that does not exonerate the enemies of Jews, However 80%of our people are being lost to assimilation, we are being bombarded with kids going off the derech, even frum people themselves have situations that merit much attention and improvement. We have Zionism and its harmful consequences. Circumcision have been tampered with and the ban on shchitah, the Rubashkin case.

  7. #3
    So are comments like yours!

    You dont need to be a prophet to understand the Tochacha or a genius for that matter either. Go back to the pesukim and study them!

  8. #3 yossie – Do you say Krias Shema every day? Do you remember or understand or give any thought to what you say? ????? ??? ?? ???? ?????… ???? ?? ?’ ??? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ????? ???’ do you not know what is the meaning of these words?

    What does prophecy have to do with hindsight? Prophecy is about the future, learning from our past mistakes is ?????. If we don’t, the consequences are dire. No offense intended, but your ridiculous comment does not portray you in a positive way, to say the least.

  9. Please explain how the holocaust helped decrease assimilation. If anything, many more people used it as an excuse to leave yiddishkeit. There are more assimilated Jews now than before the holocaust. To say that G-d sent the holocaust to punish us, is an insult to Him. G-d does not punish us for the sake of revenge. He does send us messages to wake us up. It’s so obvious that the holocaust had the opposite effect.
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught that nobody knows the true reason for the holocaust. We will only know the reason for it after Moshiach comes.

  10. Why did WWII happen?all of us would be reform today, don’t start telling me these stories my grandfather learnt in ponovetz yeshiva hes still a ???? today. We would all be reform today it was just a matter of time

  11. To: Rabbi Avraham Goldstein

    When you discuss the Holocaust, you have to be extremely cautious not to offend anyone. Let us not forget the story of Channah & Peninah.

  12. The sad truth is that some Jews are more influenced by Christianity than by Judaism not because they have chosen so,,,but because they have become so assimilated that they have confused Jewish doctrine over a non Jewish one. Just look at our prayers and meditate over them as to what they mean. The Holocaust was a tragedy by all accounts just as any Jewish historical suffering. However we as Jews live a spiritual live with a spiritual mission. We must allow our minds and hearts to look for understanding of Hashem messages in our times.
    Emotions are important in Judaism but they are not the most important reality we have to deal with. We must deal with the truth as painful as it is. The Satmar Rebbe Z’l used to say if all people like you is because you are not telling the truth and if no one likes you is because you are being too truthful. I agree that sensitivity has its place but we live in a society that have change its morals and values because sensitivity is more important than truth.


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