Jews And Non-Jews Alike Gather In Thousands For ‘Berlin Wears Kippa’ Rally


Around 2,500 people converged on Berlin’s Jewish Community Center on Wednesday in a show of defiance against anti-Semitism after a vicious attack on a kippa-wearing Israeli last week.

“Berlin Wears Kippa”  attracted many non-Jews who wanted to show solidarity with the Jewish community.

Many attendees were donned paper kippas fashioned by a local newspaper, who printed a make-your-own version in Wednesday morning’s print edition.

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  1. Silly waste of time. There is nothing in yahadus about goyim wearing yarlmukas. The pope wears one. Big deal. Today liberalism leans your way. Tomorrow it leans against you. Having their support is like playing with fire on a windy day.

  2. If you need a “Berlin Wears Kippah” rally, then Berlin does not, in fact, wear kippah, or at least is not a safe place for people wearing them.


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