Jewish Woman Rescued In Thailand After Falling Into 10 Foot Pit


A couple on trip to Thailand required the assistance of a rescue team after one of them disappeared in middle of the night.

The Toronto couple arrived at their hotel on Thursday night and settled into their room. Later that night the woman went out on her own to explore the hotel and failed to return. Her husband, unable to reach his wife, began to worry and asked hotel management for assistance.

The hotel turned the case over to the police who immediately began going through the hotel’s security footage. After about an hour of searching, an officer tracked the woman to where she was last seen – in the pool room.

A dozen officers rushed to scour the room and discovered a 10 foot pit that the woman had slipped into. The deep shaft dropped into an area right behind the hotel’s freezers so the emergency services, after several failed attempts to reach her through the shaft, cut a hole into the walk-in freezer rescued the woman.

The woman was rushed to the hospital unconscious and suffering from exhaustion. After  several hours under doctor’s care, the woman regained consciousnesses and was declared to be unharmed from the traumatic event.



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