Jewish Theme Park Set for 2023


With the help of two advising rabbis, America’s ITEC company plans to build a strange 60-acre Jewish-themed Wonder Park near Dimona by 2023.

Besides the usual hotels and gadgets, 16 Jewish-themed rides will include a roller coaster that shoots through oversized seforim, a view of the park reached by a twisted “Jacob’s ladder,” and a boat ride that takes revelers from wall-sized videos depicting hectic weekdays to others showing the tranquility of Shabbos.

{ Israel}


    • That was actually supposed to be hoist the sails. Not sauls. I hope we do not start throwing Davids either. Maybe toss the bibi. He has no beard. Cute keyboard.

      • What Normal is saying, is that since this is public knowledge, and התורה חסה על ממונם של ישראל, the Gedolim should tell them NOW not to bother investing that money. Got it? We don’t need a repeat of יפתח’s daughter, who lived away from people, because neither side (her father and the נביא) budged on their honor, that the OTHER side should approach them. This happens too often…

        • To ” not so eidel”:
          No that’s NOT what I was saying! Don’t twist my words.
          If a baal habas wants to start a new venture that pushes the envelope, HE has to go to the Rabbanim, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a concert, entertainment show, questionable restaurant, new shaitel down to the knees, amusement park, etc… Your lack of respect for Rabbanim/Gedolim is appalling. Please don’t spew your hatred over here.

          • I’m sorry you took my words so harshly. I meant no disrespect at all to any Rabbanim. A genuine Rov will make it his business to inform Yidden of their mistakes. A genuine Rov is humble. It’s hard to believe that you twisted my words so badly, and spread them across these pages. You must be having a bad day. I’ll try to forgive you even though your words leave me shaking.

  1. Correct! Gedolei Hador should be consulted before doing anything, definitely before doing anything concerning Torah. Additionally, no reason to be condescending regarding our Rabbis watching out for us. The Gedolim are called עיני הדור for a reason!


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