Jewish Teen Robbed of Tefillin and Clothes By Online iPhone Buyer


What Aharon Cohen, 16, envisioned as a simple transaction turned into a nightmare when the interested party he had lined up to buy his cell phone ended up robbing him at gunpoint instead.

On the evening of December 14, the victim used a popular mobile app to set up the sale of an iPhone. He found a potential buyer and agreed to meet with him in the parking lot of a friend’s warehouse located at 2599 Griffin Road in the city of Dania Beach. When the supposed buyer arrived, the two discussed the sale for several minutes until the man produced a black gun and pointed it at the victim.

The gunman forced the victim into the warehouse as a second masked robber appeared. The two thieves riffled through the warehouse for almost 10 minutes, grabbing anything they deemed valuable. All the while, the armed robber kept his gun pointed at the teenager.

Once they had taken more than 40 electronic items from the warehouse, the gunman demanded the victim’s personal cell phone, his wallet and his clothing. They fled in a white older model four-door sedan, possibly a Dodge Stratus. The car was missing its hubcaps and the front bumper was hanging loose.

The gunman is described as a black male in his 20s with a medium build, no facial hair, brown eyes and short brown hair. He wore a black baseball cap with the letters “NY” embroidered in gold. He also wore a black long-sleeve T-shirt with various gold and white logos and designs on the front and both sleeves, baggie khaki cargo shorts and black sandals with black socks.


The second suspect is described as a heavyset black male. He wore a black sleeveless T-shirt with a white long-sleeve undershirt, a black and gray baseball cap, jean shorts and athletic shoes. He also wore a black backpack, black gloves and a black cloth covering his face.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Mark Copley at 954-321-4738. If you wish to remain anonymous, contact Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS (8477) or online at Anonymous tips that lead to an arrest are eligible for a reward of up to $3,000.


  1. Wow. Scary stuff.
    Why in the world did Cohen invite these two thugs to come to an abandoned warehouse in middle of the night? Even if they sounded sweet over the phone. When I do business or sell stuff, I do it in broad daylight during working hours. Something doesn’t make sense over here. Unless this kid was doing things which weren’t so kosher.

    • I know Cohen. 7:20 pm is not in middle of the night. Just because you do business in broad daylight doesn’t mean a young boy straight from yeshiva should have that experience or knowledge! And NO! Cohen was not doing anything unkosher. Why would you add to his trauma by speculating about his activities in an open forum? It’s a shame that we lose sensitivity toward the indvidual when he becomes a “news story”.

  2. B”H the kid is alive and well. I’m sure it was terrifying and hopefully the criminals are caught and sentenced to a long, long term in jail.

  3. Although I have many questions like why was he alone aND why would he do something like this past 5pm he played it safe and smart.

    This guy should be caught and put in jail for life.

  4. Why did you feel it necessary to mention the race of the perpetrators? Please remove this video. I am very concerned about backlash from angry white folks, upon seeing this edited video. Just for showing this video, YOU should be charged with a hate crime.

  5. there i something very wrong with this story. BH this bochur was not hurt, a real example of shomer p’sa’im HaShem. every step of the way this kid put himself at risk. if he is that stupid, he shouldnt be allowed out alone

  6. Why are we judging the boy? Why call him stupid or suggest he may have be doing something “not kosher”? Have you never made a mistake in your life? Don’t we all learn from life experience? Why add to his pain by posting insensitive comments about him in a public forum? Would you do the same if he were your son? By the way I know him personally. He was not doing anything “unkosher”. It’s a shame we lose sensitivity to the individual when he becomes a news story.
    One last point: this was not “in middle of the night”, unless 7:20 pm is in middle of the night for you Mr. Go Cowboys.


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