Jewish Teacher Stabbed in Marseilles


Tzion Saadon[Update below.] According to Agence France-Presse, a Jewish school teacher in Marseilles was stabbed by three assailants on Wednesday evening.

Reports indicate the attackers uttered anti-Semitic phrases while knifing the teacher, whose condition is currently unknown. Read more at BFMTV.

Update: According to the local police commander, three people injured the teacher using a knife. He was evacuated to a hospital and his condition was not clear, but the local prosecutor announced his life was not in danger.

Large police forces were called to the scene and the case is being examined, as well as the connection to the terror wave in Paris. According to one of the reports, the attackers yelled anti-Semitic calls. A source in the local police clarified: “We are making extensive efforts to locate all the attackers.”

Caroline Pozmentier, deputy Mayor of Marseille, who is also in charge of the police, said that a yarmulke wearing Jewish man was stabbed in his stomach and in his leg by three attackers of Arab origin, who were riding a motorcycle.”

Security forces in France


It was also reported that the victim was a 57-year-old History teacher who worked at the ‘Yavne’ school. Pozmentier added that he was probably attacked while walking out o the school: “They were cursing him with anti-Semitic curses. One of the attackers was wearing a shirt with ISIS flag. “

Zvi Amar, the head of the Jewish community in Marseille told Channel 2 News: “He is a rabbi who didn’t work as a rabbi, in his 50’s, works at a teacher in the Jewish school and also in charge of the youth in our community. He has a beard and wear a yarmulke and a hat. You can tell immediately that he is a Jew. He has all the signs.”

Amar added that the teacher was in intensive care: “Three masked Arabs showed him a picture of Mohamed Merah, who killed the three young Jews in a Jewish school in Toulouse; they showed him his picture and started cursing him.”

At this point, said Amar, the attackers “pulled out an ISIS flag, stabbed him three times, in his stomach and in his leg.” According to Amar, the police and the city’s governor have briefed the Jewish community with the details of the case. As to the atmosphere in the Jewish community Amar said “there is a sense of fear. I was in Paris on Shabbat, and I saw the empty streets. People are simply afraid to hang out. As Jews we feel that we are in greater danger. We are on the front line.”

Michael Edri, Jewish National Fund representative in Marseille told Channel 2 News that for the past few days all Jewish institutions had beefed up security around them, especially schools. According to Edri Jewish organizations plan an emergency meeting in order to discuss the new situation and ways of dealing with it. “This is no laughing matter, Marseille is the city with the largest Muslim population in Europe in relation to its total population,” he explained

Last week a 40-year-old Jewish man was stabbed by a Muslim woman outside the ‘Carmel’ Kosher restaurant in Milan next to a Jewish school. He was evacuated to a hospital in moderate situation. The woman stabbed him nine times in his face and chest. She later escaped and according to some reports she was arrested by the police.

Shmuel Ganon, an eye witness, said he was on his way back from Synagogue when he hear the man yelling.”Forty more seconds, and he would have been killed,” Ganon said. According to his testimony the woman was escorted by two collaborators who were cheering her.

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