Jewish Senator Bernie Sanders Contemplating Presidential Challenge to Hillary Clinton


senator-bernie-sandersIowa – On the same day retiring Sen. Tom Harkin’s Democratic Steak Fry became a de facto Hillary Clinton campaign rally, another group of Iowa progressives gathered in a basement to hear from a potential presidential candidate who’s not sure he actually wants to be president. That would be Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Anybody who really wants to be president, who wakes up with a burning desire, is a little bit crazy. You should distrust anybody who really wants to be president,” Sanders said at one point, only half joking.

He is one of the few Democrats openly contemplating a challenge to the former secretary of state in a possible presidential campaign. This past weekend’s events in Iowa provide a backdrop for the stark contrast in the infrastructures supporting each potential candidate.

Sanders’ event in the crowded and balmy basement looked nothing like the highly produced Steak Fry, with it’s carefully placed tractors and sea of matching t-shirts. However, the 300 or 400 devotees who crammed in to the Grace United Methodist Church were just as fired up as the 7,000 gathered at the Steak Fry.

Sanders got no less than three standing ovations – one when he walked in, another when he was introduced, and a third when he concluded his very long speech. And cheers went up when it was mentioned that he’s considering a presidential bid. Outside, a large homemade cardboard sign read “Win Bernie Win!”

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  1. Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. His wife, the former Jane O’Meara, doesn’t appear to be Jewish. Democrats bichlal have views and policies that are totally against the Torah. He will not be getting my vote.

  2. Bernie
    I hope you have you have a lot of cough medicine, In case you forgot that anyone who goes against the Clinton’s catches a cold and its usually fatal .

  3. “Democrats bichlal have views and policies that are totally against the Torah.”

    And the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Michigan whose family’s charity funds missionary activity targeting Jews for conversion to Christianity is with the Torah?

  4. A Yid as President, particularly in these trying times, does not strike me as a good idea. If anything goes wrong in America, we know Americans blame the President. How far off is it to assume that with a Jewish President, Americans will blame the Jews for the country’s problems.
    A Yid not guided by Torah may try to distance himself from any accusation of favoring the Jews by being particularly harsh to Clall Yisrael.


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