Jewish Press Issues Apology for Hateful, Anti-Torah Op-Ed


the-jewish-pressThe Jewish Press released the following apology yesterday:

The Jewish Press apologizes to its readers for the unfortunate op-ed article, along with its incendiary and insulting headline, regarding the Atzeres Tefilla in New York on Sunday against the drafting of yeshiva students in Israel that appeared on the Jewish Press website early Monday.

The Jewish Press website is based in Israel in order to cover breaking news from the Middle East on a 24/6 basis. The article in question was posted without authorization and approval of The Jewish Press newspaper, and the individual who wrote and posted the article on the website has been fired.

Needless to say, the sentiments expressed in the article and headline do not represent those of The Jewish Press, its officers, editors, and staff. The article was deleted from the website as soon as it was brought to the attention of the publishers and editors of the newspaper.

Jerry Greenwald, Naomi Mauer

The article referred to was written by Yori Yanover. The caption under the article photos stated: “”They flooded downtown Manhattan with the anti-draft for Haredim message: everybody else is welcome to get themselves killed. What was even more astonishing was their honesty regarding the bankruptcy of their entire school of faith and study.”

The article was swiftly pulled from the Jewish Press website following the flack the newspaper received.

{Gavriel Newscenter}


  1. I don’t believe for one moment that a higher up in the Jewish Press did not read the article prior to posting. They only issued the apology after the flack they received. Its a gutter paper, no worse than the Post in my opinion

  2. i think it was an economic decision. they know they would lose a lot of readers if they did not react strongly.

    We will see if the jewish mess gets any better.

  3. Rosenberg · Edison, New Jersey
    Start a petition to have Yanover rehired.
    I hope others will join me in this request. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  4. Time for the Press to go! They’ve been around too long to stoop so low. This was out their contempt to the “black hatters” who now have their own papers and magazines. They may have been the first Jewish Paper, but they won’t be the last.


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