Jewish Philanthropist Becomes Brazil’s Richest Person


A Jewish banker and philanthropist to Jewish causes has become Brazil’s richest person with $25.2 billion.

Joseph Safra, who is considered the richest banker in the world by Forbes magazine, has taken over the number one richest position in Brazil from entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann, becoming the richest person in Latin America’s largest nation. The bank that bears his name announced in early February a net profit of near $2 billion in 2018, helping to increase his fortune.

Safra, 81, is a leading philanthropist in Brazil’s 120,000-strong Jewish community. Born in Lebanon, he runs a Brazilian banking and investment empire. His Lebanese/Syrian family’s banking connections date back to Ottoman times. The Safras moved to Brazil in 1952.

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  1. That’s all nice and good but lemaaseh how much money did his philanthropy give to our local struggling Yeshivos? Everything is relative.

  2. whats the difference how much money he would give to yeshivas
    the yeshivas would never lower their tuition one dollar
    and as far as where he gives s quite frankly none of your business he doesnt have to answer to anyone as to his choices in giving

  3. He does in fact give to yeshivos and kollelim, I personally learned in a kollel in Yerushalayim that was built by Joseph Safra.

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