Jewish Nurse Who Treated Pittsburgh Shooter Speaks Out


The nurse who cared for alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers identified himself in a post on social media.

Ari Mahler came forward in a heartfelt post Saturday night on Facebook.

“I am The Jewish Nurse. Yes, that Jewish Nurse. The same one that people are talking about in the Pittsburgh shooting that left 11 dead. The trauma nurse in the ER that cared for Robert Bowers who yelled, ‘Death to all Jews,’ as he was wheeled into the hospital. The Jewish nurse who ran into a room to save his life,” Mahler began his post.

“To be honest, I’m nervous about sharing this, I just know I feel alone right now and the irony of the world talking about me doesn’t seem fair without the chance to speak for myself,” he continued.

Mahler noted that his actions are being talked about on local, national and international news and marveled in his post that “The fact that I did my job, a job which requires compassion and empathy over everything, is newsworthy because I’m Jewish. Even more so because my dad’s a Rabbi.”

He said that Bowers “thanked him for saving him, for showing him kindness and for treating him the same way I treat every other patient.”

Mahler said that he did not tell Bowers that he was Jewish. “I chose not to say anything the entire time. I wanted him to feel compassion. I chose to show him empathy. I felt that the best way to honor his victims was for a Jew to prove him wrong,” he wrote.

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  1. Ari Mahler did nothing wrong whatsoever – he did his job and he did it well.
    Iy”H, before too long, an executioner will similarly perform his job well.

  2. Yes the uncanny is.

    Bowers is ditch dead our concern in health care when he reels in. The fearless professionals work.

    Big stories. The holocaust has another story.


  3. That sounds something like christian love. You don’t have to love your patients, just treat them properly and respectfully. In this case, you’d better not love them. Even if he was of low intelligence and or in a psychotic state. The confusion in his eyes more likely reflected the fact that he was injured and he realized that he stands before a very challenging time in his own life, of his own doing, rather than justification for his acts.

  4. A heartless doctor without a conscience should get his license revoked as he’s a danger to society because he falls under the category of כל המרחם על אכזרים סופו להתאכזר לרחמנים, as Chazal say “One who’s merciful to the cruel will end up being cruel to the merciful.”


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