Jewish Man Brain Damaged After Horrific Accident



Pinchas Hominer of Jerusalem was a ‘typical’ husband & father,  whose daily life consisted of supporting his family, and learning Torah. Life as he knew it came to a screeching halt, however, when a car crash caused him severe brain damage. Doctors had both good and bad news for his wife: He had survived, but now had the mental capacity of a child.

In the time that has passed, Henya has bravely risen to the occasion of raising her children, and her now child-like husband, alone. Pinchas’ rigorous daily treatments, combined with the lack of steady income, have sunken them into a state of poverty. Her eldest children have done their best to contribute to their finances. More painful than their poverty, however, is their grief at having lost the father that they knew.

This tragic context has cast a dark veil over their latest simcha: The engagement of daughter Yocheved. All involved are aware of the fact that Henya is unable to pay for her daughter’s wedding, or to help her set up a home for marriage. Yocheved has started a hachnasas kallah fund with the hope of taking this burden off of her mother’s shoulders. With her wedding date rapidly approaching, she is still missing the essentials for the most basic ceremony and sheva brachos.

“I am asking you to please help me to get married without embarrassment,” the young woman says in somber video footage, “so that we can truly feel joy.”

Any and all contributions will bring a ray of hope into the heart of the bride. Donations are being accepted here.



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