Jewish Kids Got Talent Set to Kick off Fourth Season


jewish-kids-got-talentBrooklyn, NY –   With three successful years spotlighting the myriad talents of Jewish children worldwide already logged in its record books, Jewish Kids Got Talent is once again accepting submissions for its upcoming season.

Jewish Kids Got Talent gives boys and girls from all walks of life a much needed opportunity to share their unique G-d given gifts in a variety of ways.  Open to children ages five through fourteen, the competition is designed to allow as many children as possible to have their moment in the spotlight, no matter where their innate abilities may lie, by dividing the contest into three distinct categories.

The Chesed Award, titled “Heart”, gives youngsters a chance to share a special mitzvah they have done or a project that they have coordinated.   The Performance Award, known as “Hand”, allows children to showcase a particular talent including playing a musical instrument, writing, art and comedy.  Finally the Achievement Award, named “Head”, provides kids with an ability to exhibit their intellectual abilities including memorization, research skills and mastery of difficult concepts.

Submissions, which can be either written or in video form, are currently being accepted and can be viewed on the competition’s website  Viewers will have the ability to vote for their favorite nine entries from the top thirty entries selected by an internal panel of judges.  The nine finalists will be flown to New York City  along with one family member, where they will take part in the grand finale, which will take place at the December 9th Tzivos Hashem Annual Dinner in New York.  Contestants will be competing live for prizes, both for themselves and for the charity of their choice, with the winner in each category chosen live by the dinner audience.  Contestants have the options of submitting separate entries to each of the three categories should they choose to do so, but all submissions must be received by November 7th.

Jewish Kids Got Talent is a project of Tzivos Hashem – Jewish Children International in collaboration with

Contest submissions can be uploaded to or mailed to Jewish Kids Got Talent, 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, 11213.  The website will be updated daily with the latest submissions and information.  Competition  updates will also be posted on Facebook ( and on Twitter at @JKidsGotTalent.  For more information, submission guidelines and contest rules or to purchase tickets to the Tzivos Hashem Dinner and the Jewish Kids Got Talent finale, visit

The project is produced by Sparks Next.


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