Jewish Home Party Leader Naftali Bennet Wins Party’s Primary Elections


Jewish Home Party leader and Education Minister Naftali Bennet won over 80% of party votes during the party’s primary elections, i24 News reported.

The nationalist party reinstated its leader as he received 12,600 votes out of the 15,701 party members who cast their ballots, according to the Times of Israel. The party has a total of 30,734 eligible voters.

The right-wing, pro-settlement Jewish Home party leader has been outspoken in the past about his objection to a two-state solution, disapproving of a sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank.

The party leader accepted his victory and said that his win was a step on the way to leading the government.

“Today we have laid the cornerstone on the way to leading the country,” Bennett said on Thursday. Read more at i24.





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