Jewish Family Narrowly Escapes Yerushalayim Lynching


yersushalayim-a-tur-neighborhoodA Jewish couple and its four-year-old son barely escaped being killed by an Arab lynch mob that had attacked the family’s vehicle near Jerusalem’s A-Tur neighborhood.

“We were on our way to an event in the new ‘Kedmat Tzion’ neighborhood, on the way to A-Tur,” said Asaf Bruchi, who was traveling with his wife Naama near the neighborhood, close to the road leading from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to the Mount of Olives, according to Israel National News.

“We got caught in traffic and there was no police presence. We found ourselves in the middle of a lynch mob-huge rocks were thrown at the car, and the Arabs were physically hitting and slashing it,” he said.

Bruchi added, “My wife was struck by a rock on her head and her hand, I got hit in the head by a rock. My four year-old son was sitting behind me and got hit by a rock in his back… if they would have had a gun we would have left there dead.”


{ Israel}



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