Jewish Families ‘Will Leave UK’ To Avoid Toeivah Education


Thousands of Jews will leave Britain unless ministers back down from forcing faith schools to teach children about gay and transgender relationships and same-sex families, it has been claimed.

Activist Shraga Stern has instructed lawyers to write to the education secretary, Damian Hinds, warning that draft government guidance requiring independent schools “to teach about homosexuality, same-sex relationships and gender reassignment” is “morally unacceptable and unlawful”.

The move pits Stern’s 70,000-strong Charedi Jewish community against school inspectors. Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of schools, said teaching children about being gay or transgender was a requirement of the 2010 Equality Act and faith schools were not exempt.

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  1. This is exactly the goal of the “Educational” reforms that are being attempted on Yeshivas. They are trying to force their To’eva relationships acceptance agenda into the only place left where it is not accepted, the Yeshivas.

    If you look at the leaders of YAFFED, the group which started the Yeshiva Educational reforms movement, you will see that the leaders of the organization are some of the leading LGBT activists in New York.

    Let’s not kid ourselves and think they really care if Chassidim or Charedim do not have high level math or science skills. All they want is our neshamas, our sense of morality, decency and right and wrong.

    • “If you look at the leaders of YAFFED, the group which started the Yeshiva Educational reforms movement, you will see that the leaders of the organization are some of the leading LGBT activists in New York.”

      Please document this charge, which seems new to me.

      Details please.

    • Easy for you to say. What will you say and/or do when the same rules are applied to our Yeshivas in NY?
      Will you also say run? Will you actually try to sell your home, business, and run?
      But you think that this is only an issue the UK.
      But how do you know that the new regulations being fostered onto our Yeshivas now will not define “biology” etc to mean the same “education”? Don’t assume not.
      We are ALL “oif tzures” and we have to be mispallel for a yeshua.
      BTW – where should they run to? Israel? Not a pretty picture there for the frumme Yid either.
      Run to USA? Look at what’s happening here now, and the dramatic increase of antisemitism.
      No. The only answer is Moshiach.
      Now we are in “Shovavim”. Let’s do just that – Teshuva.
      Hashem Yerachem

      • Bs”d
        It seems that the time is up, doesn’t???
        There are Jews and 100% observant real converts and then there are people with Jewish roots, without the Jewish NESHAMA, the piece of Hashem in them that is as a magnet pointed to Israel.
        The TIME OF CHOSHEH ARRIVED. 99% assimilated, mixed, Neshama less, Israel hating, Emuna lacking….and the ONE % of JEWS that must return ???!!!
        The ONLY REASON GALUT JEWS ‘perform’ MITZVOT is not to forget that we are JEWISH and that we must RETURN. RETURN TO HASHEM. RETURN TO ERETZ ISRAEL to truly perform all the mitzvot!
        Do not loose your children to MOLOH, if you have a JEWISH mother or became a JEW by Halachic conversion.
        COME HOME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Oh YES, now you still can, straight to Eretz Israel.
        The BET HA MIKDASH is going to be build HERE with or without you.
        Choose to realy serve Hashem. Come home e massa and let the OTHERS run out of Israel, that’s what we are waiting for…hoping not to loose our brothers and sisters to Galut.
        THE 2. PART IS ALL ABOUT ERETZ ISRAEL. You are a joke out there and make ABBA ashamed! Nothing to do there anymore.
        In Kamenisko, Ukraina in time of Rabbi Nachman the KOFRIM kept just CHUMASH and ZOHAR. They are lost. KARET.

  2. in the UK homeschooling is quite mainstream. I know it is an inconvenience and a financial burden, but it’s cheaper than relocating.
    On a more general consideration, I believe that accepting goverment’s money always comes at a price.


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