Jewish Cemetery in Hungary Vandalized With Swastikas and Anti-Semitic Slurs


vandalism-in-a-jewish-cemetery-hungaryUnidentified vandals desecrated a Jewish cemetery in Hungary last week spray-painting swastikas and various anti-Semitic slurs on tombstones, Israel National News reported.

Residents of the Jewish community in Tatabanya were shocked to discover the offensive slogans on Friday, which included “STINKING JEWS!”, “HoloLie” and “There was no Holocaust but there will be!!!”

“They spray-painted swastikas and the black cross which was a symbol of the Nazi movement during the reign of Adolf Hitler,” said Zohar Meir, one of the leaders of the annual March of the Living in Hungary, which is scheduled this year for April. “There is a very strong wave of anti-Semitism in Hungary.”

“Based on past experience, these waves are getting stronger as the economic situation becomes more difficult and all the anger is taken out on the Jews,” he added.

This is not the first act of vandalism at a Jewish cemetery in Hungary. In July 2012, vandals desecrated 57 Jewish graves some 200 miles southwest of Budapest in Kaposvr. The damage was estimated at some 12,000 euros, according to the report.


{ Newscenter}


  1. See the future of the last axiom of hate? It waits for better days for its own expression and then it strikes in the dark where there is no eye to check its own face. There is no conceit for the hate of the future’s distress as there is no future in hatred. And there is always going to be fascism in the dead confines of states where there is no hope based on human achievement and the homes are not bravery with trust. They are a left over remnant of only officious dead doctrine and dead conjecture. And they are dying in the entire conversation of human interest. Good that we are indeed breaking the hearts of the last hope of death- the Nazi sympathizer who has no more confused friendships since he has lost every dime of his own assets on his own lost future. And Israel will indeed continue to say Never Again.


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