Jewish Blogger’s Review Pushes Palestinian History Book to Amazon Top Ranking


On Sunday, Jewish blogger Muqata wrote a book review/blog post on “A History of the Palestinian People – From Ancient Times to the Modern Era” and posted it to

In an interview later thus week, the author of the book accredited the sale of hundreds of copies of the book into the review, which was posted on

The book, which claims to contain the entire history of the Palestinian people, consists of hundreds of empty, white pages to highlight the stark contrast with the rich heritage tying Jews to their homeland.

It’s currently ranked #2 on Amazon in the ‘Israel & Palestine’ category, and #9 in ‘Middle East History.’



  1. The idea was taken from the book “Reason to Vote for Democrats” published the beginning of Oct 2016 also a best seller on Amazon sold for $7.08. Almost 3,000 copies sold.

    Both of these books are a must read. The reviews on Amazon are fascinating.

  2. i dont get it they have no history? they have the same ethnicity as the syrians and never existed as a country? the west bank belonged to jordan before 1967 and the jordans living there decided to call themselves palastinians but never became a country?

  3. He funny guy that Yassil Alafart. He wear his hanky on head. Ha ha ha. I rike funny piple. He maked up a countly called Parestine. Ha ha ha. No such prace!


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