Jew Who Was Shot Called Out: “I am ISIS”


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The Israeli Police continue to investigate an incident according to which a Jewish citizen was shot to death after being identified as a terrorist by mistake. The initial investigation indicated that the man called out “I am ISIS” when he was confronted by armed IDF soldiers. Other details about the 27-year-old young man have also emerged.

The 27-year-old Jerusalemite that was shot to death worked in the past as a security guard for a kindergarten. He made aliyah from Russia, studied in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem, and served in the past for the IDF in the Charedi Unit. He lived in a room at a yeshiva but about a month and a half ago, left.

According to the investigation, the two soldiers that were involved in the incident asked to board a bus on Yermeyahu Street in Jerusalem. The soldiers on the bus asked to see ID cards. At that moment, the man got up and aroused the suspicion of the soldiers. They asked for his ID. According to the suspicion, the two sides started to argue, at which point the man attacked the soldiers and even tried to seize the weapon of one of them.

The bus driver tried to help take control of the man but despite this, the man continued onwards until he seized the weapon of one of the soldiers. During this struggle, the man called out to the soldiers: “I am ISIS.” Security Forces that arrived at the scene fired at the man that was fighting with the soldiers. After he was killed, it was only then it became known that the suspect was a Jewish man from Yerushalayim.


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  1. in the time of the churban, things were so crazy that people ate their children. rachmana litzlon, that’s what’s happening now. if the report is true, what do you think security should have done–check if he had a bris? no, that would not work; muslims are circumsized. they did the only thing thy could have done

  2. how do we know the “i am isis” comment is not a cover up by police for making a mistake? the palestinians are making israelis sure many holocaust survivors had mental problems after the holocaust due to being around such crazyness.Many people raised by holocaust survivors were abused due to mental issues which the germans caused to a percent of survivors.


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