Jerusalem Police Search For Desecrators of Shul



Israeli police are currently searching for the perpetrators of the Kiryat Yovel shul desecration, which took place in Jerusalem earlier this week. Congregants arrived on Tuesday morning to a destroyed aron kodesh, and sifrei Torah drenched in acid. As of now the building is uninhabitable.

Donations have begun to trickle in to the shul’s emergency fund. Contributions go toward repairing the damage. Though an inspiring number of people around the world have chosen to help, the community of Siach Yisroel shul is far from their goal: Torah scrolls are extremely expensive.

“This is a serious incident that brings to mind dark periods for the Jewish people,” said Jerusalem mayor Moshe Lion. “We cannot let such crimes happen today. I am certain that the Israel Police will quickly get their hands on the criminals.”

In the meantime, the shul stands empty. Donations are being accepted here to replace the Torah scrolls, as well as the other destroyed items (seforim, furniture, etc).



  1. Fake news? This website claims that “3 arabs were caught”. If that is allegedly true, so who exactly are the police looking for?

    • Most of Mtzav’s articles are “communicated content” whether they tell you that up front or not, This is no exception.

      This outdated article is her to schorr your money.

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