Jeff Sessions Goes on Hiring Spree: Over 300 Prosecutors for DOJ


Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday the Justice Department will hire 300 additional prosecutors to bolster its efforts against illegal immigration and spiraling opioid abuse.

“In the largest increase in decades, the Department of Justice is allocating 311 new Assistant United States Attorneys to assist in priority areas. Those allocations are as follows: 190 violent crime prosecutors, 86 civil enforcement prosecutors, and 35 additional immigration prosecutors,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

“Under President Trump’s strong leadership, the Department of Justice is going on offense against violent crime, illegal immigration, and the opioid crisis—and today we are sending in reinforcements,” the Attorney General said.




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  1. Sessions is such a disappointment, cannot trust anything he does.
    Biggest mistake Trump made was to pick Sessions as AG and keep the Obama crooks like Rosenstein and the top crooks at the FBI


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