Jeff Flake: Trump Is ‘Inviting’ a 2020 Primary Challenger

Sen. Jeff Flake said this week that President Donald Trump is “inviting” a Republican primary challenger in 2020. The Arizona Republican said Trump’s actions will determine whether he gets a primary challenger in the next election.


“I think that certainly depends on him,” Flake said on Georgia Public Broadcasting. “I think he could govern in a way that he wouldn’t. But, I think that the way that—the direction he’s headed right now, just kinda drilling down on the base rather than trying to expand the base—I think he’s inviting one.” Trump has taunted Flake as “weak” and “toxic,” and could endorse one of Flake’s primary challengers. Flake has been consistently critical of Trump and of his GOP colleagues who don’t directly call out the president. Read more at CNN.



  1. Ask not what your war against the left can do for you. Ask what your love of the right will do for your gold.

    If you can be a great American, never stand up to the man who has more gold than Fort Know has problems. He will not be wiser than your best mood.

    But if the world wants another Kennedy, maybe it even comes from a normal republican party. The gold that held Mr. Trump down was his own.


  2. Trump won on a platform of draining the swamp including the Republican. Noone thought that they wouldn’t fight till the end. As we see now.

  3. I am sick and tired of the Trump bashing. He was voted to be president. Let him do his job whether or not one agrees with him. I have never encountered such animosity for a president. Although, people in the past would complain, they would do it quietly. From the minute he was voted in, there has been unrest, protests against him and the media constantly saying only negatives. As much as many didn’t want H. Clinton, I am certain, she would have been left in peace to do her job. My only answer is – it’s all from Hashem. Time will tell. We Yiden have one way to fight, and that is through Tefillah. Let us do our Elul job. We all know what that is.

    • Well, it clearly has to do with the color of his skin. If it was Obama that this was happening to, Eric Holder would of made sure the Streets of America would of burnt. So all this boils down to race. The white heterosexual male has become the scorn of the sick, demented, TV watching schlub. The average ignorant voter, believes whatever that sewerbox in front of him is feeding him.
      No yireh.
      We’re done.
      Good bye.

    • 100% right. For 30 years America has been going down, down, down morally and ethically with corrupt leaders and politicians hand by hand with the media. Obama brought it down to the absolute lowest level possible. Think about it. The current generation under 45 years has been raised in such darkness and therefore think this is how it should be. President Trump started a “revolution” by restoring the old-fashioned normal decent behavior; the economy is blah”r booming, over a million people got jobs, the world and its leaders are respecting America again and looking up to them, etc. etc. But this generation simply cannot digest it. They’re like those eating junk food for years who can hardly digest healthy food.

      On the other side, the opposition to President Trump is very healthy as it’s a segulah for ayin hara (which he really needs). Besides, while the media is preoccupied with Trump’s “scandals” people are not focusing on what he’s accomplishing and he swims through it like a professional swimmer swiftly and smoothly without commotion unnoticed by the public which is why fake news don’t report it.


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