Jeff Flake: I Hope That Somebody Runs In Primary Against Trump


Sen. Jeff Flake slammed President Trump as unmoored from conservative principles and said he hopes he gets a primary opponent in 2020 who can remind Republicans of “what it means to be decent.”

“I do hope that somebody does run in the primary against the president. I think the Republicans need to be reminded of what conservatism really is and what it means to be decent, and we haven’t had that kind of politics lately,” Flake, who is retiring after his term ends in January, told C-SPAN.

Flake said the ceremonies honoring the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) after his death from brain cancer in August served as a “reminder” of the stark differences between his politics and those of the president.

“That whole week commemoration of his life and his politics was just an additional reminder of stark differences that there are sometimes in politicians,” he said about the period after McCain’s death.

“I think we as a Republican Party certainly have got to get back to a kind of decency that has characterized the party for a while,” he added.

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  1. What a lowlife do you really think we need some “decent “ rhino republicans who haven’t had any backbone in decades ? Yes it would be nice to c decency but not if it means never standing up for any principles

  2. He is comparing to the great john macCain??
    He indeed was agreat guy but Jeff let me remind you – macain lost! Trump won!
    I think we as a Republican Party certainly have to continue on the success that has characterized the party for a while,”

    • It doesn’t matter who “true conservatives” are. It matters who can bring back up a country that was down to the almost lowest level of the abyss by previous presidents. AND THIS IS WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GREAT AT BLI AYIN HARA. UNDENIABLY!


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