Jeb Bush: Trump’s Potty Mouth Helps Clinton


JEB BUSHJeb Bush blasted Donald Trump’s off-color comments about Hillary Clinton, telling reporters he has stretched the limits of political incorrectness too far and threatens to allow the likely Democratic nominee to play the victim.

“Just imagine him as president at a press conference,” Bush said when asked about Trump’s comments following a town hall here Tuesday afternoon. “There has to be a level of decorum to win. It’s not a sign of strength to insult people with profanity. It’s not a serious thing.”

Trump’s willingness to break conventions of political decorum has seemed only to fuel his rise

Bush, who has been trying to regain a foothold in a topsy-turvy GOP primary by positioning himself as Trump’s toughest critic, blasted the Manhattan mogul on a number of policy points during the town hall but did not address the comments about Clinton until asked about them during a gaggle with reporters afterwards.
He said Trump’s comments actually help Clinton.

“She’s great at being the victim,” Bush said. “This will enhance her victimology status. This is what she loves doing. Trump is not going to be president because he says these things, it turns people off.”

Asked to clarify his comment about Clinton, Bush told reporters, “I’m saying that she will use this in a way that won’t be helpful to our cause.”

Clinton’s campaign opted not to respond to Trump, aside from a tweet from communications director Jennifer Palmieri that said, “We are not responding to Trump but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts on all women should.” Read more at POLITICO.



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