Jeb Bush: Melania Should Confiscate Trump’s Phone


Jeb Bush has voiced what some other are thinking these days – that Melania should take Donald Trump’s phone away from him.

Speaking at a forum in Texas, Jeb Bush said he hoped “Melania steals his phone,” in light of his habit of embarking on late-night tweetstorms, The Hill reported. A former GOP rival to Trump, he also said he hopes the president-elect will be successful in his term.

Melania said in an April interview that she wished her husband would tweet less. More recently, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump would be using Twitter to make major announcements while in office. Read more at THE HILL.



  1. Wow, I didn’t realize to what extent, Jeb, was such a dummy. I guess he still thinks the American people are in love with him. Nebach. Who asked this nobody for his opinions? Just stay at the beach and leave us all alone. I know of a few things that Melania can do for us that will make a lot of people smile.

  2. Jeb Bush, Jeb Bush, Jeb….
    Is he related to the presidential Bush family, or to the guy from Florida, who tried to run for the highest office but got knocked out in round one?
    People still remember him, his bid, his loss, and his “nothing-to-contribute-to-discussion” intellect?
    Take a long walk with Hillary, and discuss the warm weather, sir.


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