Jeb Bush Bets $20 That Trump Shows Up To The Fox Debate


Jeb Bush ridiculed Donald Trump for planning to skip Thursday’s GOP debate here, although he’s betting Trump still winds up on the stage.


“I’ve got a $20 bet he shows up,” Bush said during a town hall with employees of Nationwide insurance at the company’s headquarters here Wednesday afternoon.

Asked by reporters after the event why he thinks Trump might go back on his promise to skip the seventh Republican debate, Bush said, “Because it’s in his interest.”

Bush, who has tried in recent weeks to assert himself as the Republican most willing to criticize Trump, laughed off Trump’s stated reason for skipping the Fox News Channel debate: his complaint that the network, and specifically co-moderator Megyn Kelly, hasn’t treated him fairly.

“Really? He complains about not being treated fairly by the press? He consumes all the press,” Bush said. “He’s a Stradivarius violinist in the Vienna symphony, man. I mean, the press is just being played like nobody’s business.

“Poor little Donald,” Bush continued. “Barack Obama doesn’t go on Fox either, so now they have that in common.” Read more at POLITICO.

{ Newscenter}



  1. This Jeb guy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer if you know what I mean. It would serve him best to say as little as possible.


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