Japan’s Minister Apologizes, Called On To Resign, For Being Three MINUTES Late To Meeting


Japan’s Olympics Minister, Yoshitaka Sakurada, has publicly apologized after arriving three minutes late to a parliamentary meeting on Thursday.

Opposition MPs said his tardiness showed disrespect for his office and boycotted a meeting of the budget committee for five hours in protest.

While it is not considered an egregious cultural faux pas to arrive late at meetings in Japan, this latest incident has been picked up by members of the opposition eager to highlight what they see as Mr Sakurada’s failings.


Read more at BBC News.



  1. Halevai we Yidden would be only three minutes late. How many times do guests show up at 8:45 or later for 7:30 sheva brachos? (Don’t even bother to ask how late the chosson and kallah make their appearance.) How late do we arrive at bar mitzvahs? It seems so acceptable to be excessively tardy that no one even bothers to apologize to the baalei simcha for the inconvenience caused by holding everything up.

    • Wow wow wow. You touched on a whole different topic. You are %1000 right! I’ve been shouting from my soap box about this ever since I got married 25+ years ago. I hope that Matzav can turn your comment into a “Matzav Shmooze”. I have a lot to say on this topic.

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