January Best Month for Kinneret in Five Years


kinneretOver the past 60 days, the Israeli Water Authority’s employees have been on strike and have not released data on the level of Lake Kinneret. Yesterday, they returned to work after receiving

 commitments from the Ministry of Finance about entering negotiations on an employment agreement, and concurrently released data about the Kinneret over the past two months.

Based on figures released by the Water Authority, the only body officially sanctioned to provide data on the water level of the Kinneret, the water level rose 87 centimeters over the past two months, and is currently at 213.44 meters below sea level.

According to the statistics, between December 1, when the strike began, and December 31, the level rose 30 centimeters, and a very rainy January raised the Kinneret’s level by 57 centimeters. That makes January 2010 the most significant month in the past five years for raising the level of the Kinneret.

The Water Authority warned against complacency in water conservation, since there are still 4.64 meters to go until the Kinneret is full.

{Globes/Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}



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