J Street Launches An Alternative To Birthright That Will Include Palestinians


After months of chastising Birthright Israel for what it calls one-sided trips, J Street U is launching its first-ever free trip to Israel and the West Bank.

Come July, 40 American college students will participate on a 10-day trip courtesy of the progressive group. Billed as an alternative to Birthright, the trip, which will be funded by J Street donors, is part of its “Let Our People Know” campaign.

The announcement for the trip comes months after J Street U circulated a petition on campuses nationwide demanding Palestinian speakers of its own choosing be included on Birthright Israel trips.

“We hope this trip will provide a model for the kind of Israel education young Jews want and need — one that engages fully with Israel’s reality, including perspectives from Palestinians living under its 52-year military occupation,” said Eva Borgwardt, president of the J Street U National Board and Stanford University senior.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Just a PR stunt.

    They are only paying for 40 people who will all be carefully vetted to make sure they will follow the J Street party line.

    Even so, it is a good development. Let J Street and their ilk organize their own trips instead of fighting with Birthright.

  2. In order to be as diverse as possible, the tour should go into Gaza to observe the murderous terrorists launch balloon bombs, rocks, grenades and IEDs at the IDF.

    Palestinians have NO birthright in the land of Israel.

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