J Street: ‘Unreasonable’ To Expect PA Recognition Of Jewish State Right Now


j-streetIn a letter to supporters of the self-labeled “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby J Street, the group’s executive director, Jeremy Ben-Ami, called it “unrealistic and unreasonable” to expect the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel as a Jewish state at this time.

Ben-Ami’s position mirrors that of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who recently called it a “mistake” to continue to insist on Jewish state recognition in the American-brokered Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiations.

“J Street agrees that a final, comprehensive agreement to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will have to address core issues of identity, recognition, rights and redress,” Ben-Ami wrote, according to a March 21 post on the J Street blog. “However, we also believe that failure to resolve these issues at this point should not derail these negotiations. These issues are appropriately settled as part of a final peace agreement-and not now as part of a framework for continued negotiations.”

Ben-Ami added, “Once the parties have settled borders, security, Jerusalem and refugees, mutual recognition can be part of a package deal. But it is simply unrealistic and unreasonable to expect any Palestinian leader to consent to what has become for all intents and purposes an Israeli ultimatum right now.”


{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. We know what J street is.
    This menuval Jeremy gets plenty of money from George Sorros and other haters of Israel.
    Lets hope and pray that the vast majority of Jews who love Israel will boycott J street.

  2. Ultimately, we are not going to stand for J-street malarkey. The future is not a future of glowing raptures and we are clearly jews who know our values and our true visions of peace. Jewish law does not permit permissive sidings. There is no future in a criminal element of last resort. And the game keeps its head in the future. Israel will clearly be lead in congress by AIPAC. The future must be a friend of peace. Trust in Hashem and Trust in Good Judgment. Favor AIPAC and donate when you can.

    Never Again.

  3. J Street is the political equivalent of “Jews for J-”.

    Just as “Jews for J-” misleadingly pretends to be Jewish but is really Christians working to destroy Judaism, J Street misleadingly pretends to be pro-Israel but is really working to destroy Israel.

    I used to work in the same office as Jeremy Ben-Ami before he became president of J Street. He always told lies to advance his goals.


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