Ivri Anochi ‘Jewish Pride’ Clip Hits 10M Views


Singer Benny Friedman’s worldwide hit song about Jewish pride just hit 10 Million Views on YouTube, an accomplishment very few videos in the small Jewish music community achieve.

“It is a most beautiful thing to see that a song about fearless, unabashed Jewish pride really has struck a nerve with so many people all over the world. It is a great Zechus to be a part of it,” Benny Friedman told COLlive.

The song has surpassed any of the previous Benny Friedman songs, including “Yesh Tikvah,” Benny’s first song to hit one million views, currently at over 8 million views.

“In a world where antisemitism is on the rise once again, and in many countries we have seen increasing attacks on Jewish people, it’s more important than ever to maintain this pride,” Sruly Meyer, producer of the song, told COLlive.

Ivri Anochi – I’m a Jew and I’m Proud
Composed by Ari Goldwag
Arranged by Playmasters, Ian Freitor & Daniel Kapler
Produced by Sruly Meyer
Lyrics by Ari Golwag, Shmuel Marcus, Miriam Israeli
Video by Meir Kay Productions



  1. This is good. I am very happy to see that a religion can be promulgated by the coy look at a video that the many on the street might find fierce.

    There was a holocaust. We forget what jews look like. Do they shave? Do they uncover their heads and get good high paying jobs? What about tzitzits? Who in the non-orthodox days of ever themselves a ba’al teshuvah has seen any jew with tzitzits in public and the workplace?

    I can attest that I was a ruined jew after the hard losing experience in satanic community and satanic reform upbringing. I never was able to claim the holy of being never to touch my beard. My holy rabbi told me he never once cut his beard in his whole life and it grew from start of adolescence. The holy claim.

    Any how, this is a nice video. The sadness of all these jews who love the love of anything but full yiddishkeit is very sad. We had a holocaust and there were so many killed. What are we SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE?

    Watch this video and know.


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