Ivanka Trump Wants to Be President, Book Claims


Ivanka Trump isn’t just the first daughter — she allegedly wants to be the “first woman president.”

Her alleged political aspirations are reportedly revealed in a shocking new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff. Read more.



  1. We will have to modify the joke.
    The very proud non jewish mother of the first jewish female president of the USA travels to the inauguration. She whispers to the secretary of state: do you see the lady standing next to the vicepresident? Her brother is a doctor!

      • The standard joke is about the first jewish president of USA, who insists his not-so-impressed mother comes to the inauguration, a very big deal and an important achievement, while his mother says she does not care about politics and is bored by the whole thing, yet the son keeps insisting she should attend. She says it is difficult at her age to travel, and he tells her Air Force One will be arranged, she says she does not trust the kashrut and he reassures the affair will be very strictly supervised, and so on until she finally agrees. At the ceremony, however, the jewish mama proudly remarks that the brother of the new president is a very successful MD.


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