Ivanka Trump on Moore: ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell for People Who Prey on Children’

When asked Wednesday about the allegations of misconduct against Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, Ivanka Trump told the AP: “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.”


“I’ve yet to see a valid explanation [from Moore] and I have no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts,” Trump additionally said.

She did not call for Moore to step out of the race, however; and her father, the president, has yet to publicly comment on Moore outside of remarks issued via White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Read more.



  1. These allegations against Moore 1 month before elections were from 40 years ago and MOST LIKELY FAKE and paid for by some Democrats who see a conservative about to win, just like the allegations against Trump before the 2016 election where women later on admitted being paid $500,000.00 to smear Trump with some bogus accusations.

    • Well Said
      It was a different era.
      What Moore possibly may have done back then ,which he furthermore strongly denies, was even if some of it did happen, relatively hardly more egregious than what Ivanka’s dad bragged about! recently

  2. Why if a person who is 16 years old is considered a crime if they marry and yet this sodom society legalizes same gender marriage. Sick world.

  3. Ivanka, your father also had the same accusations by evil Democrat women that ended up being false fabrications. Who are you to talk this way to Moore? Were you there when it happened? Why didn’t they come forward years earlier? Aren’t you wondering why suddenly they came forward just weeks before election? Isn’t it interesting to you that all these women accusing him are Democrats just like the ones who accused your father? I’m sure Moore is as innocent as your father. I’m surprised at your father for trusting these women when he has no evidence.

  4. These women are actually believable.
    1. Most of them are major Trump supporters. This makes it very improbable that they are being paid by the left.
    2. There are a bunch of people (employees, security) who say that they know that this guy was banned from a local mall for bothering teens.
    3. There are a bunch of people who worked in his office at the time who said it was a known thing that he did this stuff.
    4. There are a bunch of people who say that these women told them the same stories they are telling the media when it happened.
    5. The media chased them, not the other way around. If they wanted publicity, why did reporters have to badger them to go public?
    6. A lot of people are talking about abuse now because of current events. This would make victims less afraid to come out. Consider that since he was a DA then a state justice, he would be in a position to seriously harm anyone coming out against him. However, because of the conversation nowadays it would be harder for him to hurt them.
    Usually, I would never believe this kind of stuff. But in this particular case, they seem to be telling the truth.

    • Sources please, because it seems that you picked up your COMPLETE nonsense from Fake News as there’s not 1 line that has any truth to it.

  5. If you want to indict people I would bet most of the men in congress( house of rep and the senate) can have some one declare they have been bothered by a congressman. There are too many people especially women who are assistants, secretaries, volunteer workers, etc., etc., who are there and when men are away from home for long periods of time get to have needs met. I am sure these women are paid well to keep their mouths shut until some thing comes up and then they step up like now.

  6. Well well well. Now that Al Franken has been caught red handed and was forced to admit it, suddenly the Democrats are not discussing the Roy Moore situation. What a bunch of sanctimonious phonies.

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