Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Pick $5.5M Home — and Chabad Shul in Washington


The search is over. The Forward reports that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have found a house in Washington and they seem to have found a shul as well.

After weeks of house-hunting and “shul shopping,” the first daughter and son-in-law are now ready to settle down in Washington’s Kalorama neighborhood and will attend the nearby Chabad shul.

The home Kushner and Trump settled on is a $5.5 million, six-bedroom house, only blocks away from the future home of President Obama and his family, according to a report in Washingtonian. The expansive 1923 home boasts 6,700 square feet and has five wood-burning fireplaces.

The couple has reportedly looked into joining Kesher Israel, an Orthodox shul in Georgetown, but ended up preferring the smaller but more centrally located Chabad synagogue, known as TheSHUL and led by Rabbi Levi Shemtov. Read more at The Forward.



  1. Well, we already knew that he was a big Lubavitcher Chasid since he went to the late Rebbe’s Ayhel right before the election, right?

    Will he have farbrengens on Lubavitcher holidays in his new home too?

  2. Ok, great. So that’s all taken care of. I wish them hatzlacha. They should be zoche to come closer to the Rebbono shel oilam.

  3. I won’t be convinced that he became a Lubavitcher if I don’t see him with a beard and gartel. Looks like a matter of convenience otherwise.


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