Ivanka Praises Oprah’s ‘Empowering And Inspiring’ Speech


Ivanka Trump praised the “empowering & inspiring” speech given by Oprah Winfrey at Sunday night’s Golden Globe awards.

“Just saw @Oprah’s empowering & inspiring speech at last night’s #GoldenGlobes,” President Trump’s eldest daughter wrote in a tweet Monday night. “Let’s all come together, women & men, & say #TIMESUP! #United”

The tweet came after rampant speculation on social media that Winfrey might run for president in 2020. Read more at NY POST.



  1. Ivanka is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Doesn’t she realize that Oprah is NOT a friend of her Father? Doesn’t she realize that Oprah has plans of running against her Father in 2020? Ivanka, being the Manhattan liberal, is not politically astute. What Ivanka just did, is like Sasha Obama in 2011 praising a speech given by Mitt Romney. No brains.

    • Ivanka your issue? Clearly you misunderestimate her potential.

      She is bright and has mind. We might just hope she does some political work. Perhaps her husband as well.

      Still, not yet a jewish president. Maybe her over Oprah but she must work hard. It will be years.

      Seriously, what can Jared do in the future. A great tenure with Mr. Trump? It might have calculating mind. Let him stay clean.

      Oprah is silly. I do not anticipate her to win a nomination. Too much keen spirit, not enough keen politics. Do you really think she is up on issues? What has she been reading all her life? She has been on stage with celebrities. Not someone hard at work to learn each day its need.

      Still, we need anything. Its a dry nation.


  2. This is Oprah’s “inspiring” speech she gave on Nov 20, 2013:
    “Once all those old, white racists who were born and bred and marinated in it have died, then America will be forever purged of racism.”


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