It Got A Lot Harder To Book A Shrink In NYC After Trump’s Win


President-elect Donald Trump is driving New Yorkers crazy. Anxiety is so high in the Big Apple following Trump’s astonishing presidential win that patients are rushing to their therapists to book emergency therapy sessions, THE NEW YORK POST reports.

Dr. Chloe Carmichael, a clinical psychologist and stress management expert based in Manhattan, said she was already swamped at 7 a.m. Wednesday helping her clients navigate their emotions surrounding the election’s results.

“It was something that came up immediately,” she told The Post.

And it wasn’t just Carmichael’s existing patients who needed someone to talk to about the 2016 race.

Midtown psychologist Bruce Berman said one of his patients needed to come in immediately.

Berman said he’s not surprised city dwellers were having a hard time stomaching the reality of a Trump presidency.

“Certainly it’s expected in New York City because it is quite liberal,” he said. “It’s an outcome that is leaving people frightened, disappointed and somewhat grief-stricken.” Read more ayt THE NEW YORK POST.




  1. This is what you get when you downplay bernie sanders for office just to have the first female lady to run. The elites and top wanted her to win so badly so that they can use her as their puppet. America said NO.

  2. Give the gold credit folks. The pharmaceutical industry will love this victory. The premiums will go up, psychiatry drugs given a 10 time more prevalence to come and of course, as antisemitism climbs, we might also have more concern for our neighbors and homes.

    Still, would it not be interesting to wonder if the new Mr. President is going to be fairly treated right by his physicians? The White House physician has a social obligation to his patient that must be met. I would surmise that a White House Psychiatrist is not a world that can not exist.

    So seriously, will we make it through these years? Will Trump be next on the doctor’s visit for business from the professional concerns many might have?

    Seriously, we can not think this is a good time in American feeling for this nation.

    Psychiatrists folks. Give a cat a drink and he will take more.



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