Israel’s Top Cop Says Police Violence Against Chareidim ‘Unacceptable’


Israeli Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich has said that it seems the conduct of the police at a demonstration held by hundreds of chareidi protesters on Sunday in Yerushalayim was “unacceptable,” Haaretz reports.

Alsheich made the comments to senior Yerushalayim District officials today, after video footage emerged of police officer’s pushing and kicking protestors, and added that the matter is to be be investigated.
Protests were held over the arrest of some 40 chareidi men who refused to be drafted into the army.
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The police have been using unnecessary force against Chareidim for decades. Words are cheap!! Until they don’t fire police officers for their outrageous behavior, nothing will change.

  2. The Zionist Police need to wear body cameras and use force only when necessary. The use of unnecessary force should lead to immediate suspension and a full investigation by an out side IG. Internal investigations are usually biased.

    • The Haredim need to start wearing body.

      The use of any civil and/or criminal disobedience should lead to immediate jail time, and the cut-off of the perpetrators financial assistance from the State.

      • Interesting that you haven’t commented on the drugged out hippies roaming the streets of Tel Aviv who are avoiding the draft as well. I guess the fridge on your easy chair, sitting in comfort of America, has stopped working. You are a typical otd hater with an ax to grind.

        • No, actually the shame is on YOU and your Haredi community.

          Your attitude is so immoral. You have no problem sending other Jewish children into war, where they can be killed or wounded, chas v’shalom. But you create all kinds of excuses to keep your own children out of the IDF. How sickening – it reminds me of the Kapos: send other Jews to their death as long as my family is safe.

  3. The police chief calls it “unacceptable”. What kind of statement is that!
    Police brutality is a CRIMINAL act and those who engage in savage beatings
    of protesters should go to JAIL! The video is sickening.

  4. most of the force was necessary! stop blocking traffic! if it was up to me, i would run them over. if you have a permit to protest, do it without disturbing the public, a bunch of selfish batlanim. and throwing around the word nazis??? these guys deserve to see what a real nazi was!

    • “if it was up to me, i would run them over….” Wow! Thank goodness people like you are not in any position of power or influence. Stay on the blogs and let out your aggression here so the rest of us will be safe…..


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